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Know your skin..

Dr.Veerander Ghotra

Meet Dr. Ghotra MD PhD

Dr.Ghotra holds an MD degree from the University of Maastricht and later did his doctorate (Ph.D.) from the University of Leiden. He has several scientific publications to his name that have been published in renowned international journals. He has years of experience in the world of aesthetics and works through the “combination approach”, whereby the face is brought back into harmony with a combination of injectables, threads and skin therapy, resulting in a younger and fresher appearance. He has specialized in this industry through a master's programme at the University of Manchester in the field of ageing and aesthetics (Master Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine).

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My approach

Anatomically based, scientifically driven, minimalistic and combined approach from multiple disciplines together is the best way to achieve the best aesthetic outcomes in a patient. 

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Science behind the facial ageing

Facial ageing is a combination of different physiological/pathological processes taking places at different layers of our face (from superficial to deep). 

it is a 3D process occurring at level of skin, soft tissue, muscle, and bone.

4D approach to aesthetics

Improving looks and improving lives with 4D concept of facial skin care. Dr.Ghotra utilizes his unique holistic approach to treat the symptoms of facial ageing. His philosophy is inclusive of superficial and deep skin solutions. He works together with his team to provide a state of art multi-facetted approach to your skin-health journey. His prescriptive ‘global holistic’ approach delivers synergistic results through complimentary therapies that delivers a natural balanced result. 


Advanced facial 

Dr.Ghotra uses the world's leading skin and facial analysis equipment; the ultra-modern VISIA® and Vectra facial analysis system. This gives us an extremely detailed picture of your skin & facial volume. We make high-resolution scans of the different layers of your skin. As a result, we recognize all the different skin characteristics such as: wrinkles, sun spots, texture, pores, redness, volume loss and facial contours.


 Before and After photos 

Explore the detailed transformations of patients who have entrusted their aesthetic goals to my care. Each story is a testament to the personalized approach and advanced technology I utilize, from the initial consultation to the stunning results achieved. Witness firsthand the precision and dedication that go into each minimally invasive procedure, showcasing the true art of aesthetic enhancement.

 Testimonials Dr.Ghotra

     Rated excellent by his patients

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