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Personal manifesto Dr.Ghotra

My core values

I uphold the utmost standards of professionalism and base my judgments on the safety and best interests of my patients. I prioritise the patient's needs and desires before my own and operate with unwavering integrity. It is my conviction that cosmetic operations need to be performed on the condition that a "system of anticipatory trust" remains intact and high-quality standards are ensured. I consistently advise prospective customers about the possibility of forgoing a procedure altogether, while also elucidating the potential hazards and adverse consequences associated with the suggested operations. It is my firm conviction that aesthetic physicians ought to assume the responsibility of moral gatekeepers, given that it is their overarching obligation to assess the ethical considerations that underpin the aesthetic procedure under consideration. I endeavour to strike a balance in my interactions with patients by advocating for acceptance of the wide variety or spectrum of "normal look" while not rejecting those who are interested in cosmetic enhancements.

About me

I followed my medical education at the University of Maastricht, and hold a doctorate degree (PhD) from Leiden University, Netherlands. I am a cosmetic doctor with a broad interest in science. My specialty is a combination approach of treatments (4D treatment) that all focus on the aging process of the face. I believe that a natural, science-driven, minimalist approach – from multiple disciplines at the same time – is the right way to achieve the best aesthetic results for a patient. In this 'combination approach' we do not only use injectables or threads but also skin therapy that makes a face look more harmonious, with a younger and fresher appearance as a result. I am constantly looking for professional developments in my field to provide my patients with the best care and continue to specialize in the industry, through a master's program at the University of Manchester in the field of aging and aesthetics (Master Skin Aging and Aesthetic Medicine). In addition, I am BIG registered and a member of both the Dutch association of cosmetic medicine and the British medical laser association.

"Every patient is different and every face is different too. In my opinion, it's the little things that complete the picture, but it's not just about the outside - Every patient brings a story that is sometimes sad and surprising. It is precisely this diversity of people that makes my work so beautiful"

Dr.Veerander Ghotra

 Testimonials Dr.Ghotra

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