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About me

I followed my medical education at the University of Maastricht, and hold a doctorate degree (PhD) from Leiden University, Netherlands. I am a cosmetic doctor with a broad interest in science. My specialty is a combination approach of treatments (4D treatment) that all focus on the aging process of the face. I believe that a natural, science-driven, minimalist approach – from multiple disciplines at the same time – is the right way to achieve the best aesthetic results for a patient. In this 'combination approach' we do not only use injectables or threads but also skin therapy that makes a face look more harmonious, with a younger and fresher appearance as a result. I am constantly looking for professional developments in my field to provide my patients with the best care and continue to specialize in the industry, through a master's program at the University of Manchester in the field of aging and aesthetics (Master Skin Aging and Aesthetic Medicine). In addition, I am BIG registered and a member of both the Dutch association of cosmetic medicine and the British medical laser association.

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