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 Advanced facial consultation

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In the realm of facial aesthetics, the journey towards achieving the desired outcomes begins with a comprehensive and sophisticated consultation process. Dr. Veerander Ghotra, a renowned aesthetic physician, has set a new benchmark in patient consultation through the integration of state-of-the-art Visia Skin Analysis and Vectra Analysis Systems at his clinic near Amsterdam. This advanced approach not only identifies the unique concerns and aspirations of each patient but also paves the way for personalized and effective treatment plans.

STAP 1: Decoding Your Dermatological Identity

At the core of Dr. Ghotra's consultation process is the Visia Skin Analysis system, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that provides an in-depth examination of the patient's skin. By capturing high-resolution images of the skin from multiple angles, the system uncovers a myriad of skin issues that might not be visible to the naked eye, including texture irregularities, wrinkles, pigmentation, and pore size.

An intriguing aspect of the Visia system is its ability to assign a specific "Dermatological Identity Code" to each patient's skin. This is akin to giving each patient a unique skin fingerprint, which Dr. Ghotra eloquently discusses in his comprehensive blog post on "256 Skin Types." This classification allows for a highly tailored treatment approach, ensuring that each patient receives the most appropriate and effective therapies for their individual skin type.

Listing 256 combinations would be extensive and may not be practical for this format. However, to illustrate, here are a few examples of how these combinations might look:

  1.  DSPW-TsPpUsVp: Dry(D), Sensitive(S), Pigmented(P), Wrinkle-Prone(W), Smooth -Texture(Ts), Prominent Pores(Pp), Severe UV(Us), Pronounced Vascular(Vp)

  2. ORNT-TrPrUmVm: Oily(O), Resistant(R), Non-Pigmented(N), Tight(T), Rough-Texture(Tr), Refined Pores(Pr), Minimal UV(Um), Minimal Vascular(Vm)

  3. DSNW-TsPpUmVp: Dry(D), Sensitive(S), Non-Pigmented(N), Wrinkle-Prone(W), Smooth-Texture(Ts), Prominent Pores(Pp), Minimal UV(Ul), Pronounced Vascular(Vp)

  4. OSPT-TrPrUsVm: Oily(O), Sensitive(S), Pigmented(P), Tight(T), Rough-Texture(Tr), Refined Pores(Pr), Severe UV(Us), Minimal Vascular(Vm)

  5. ... (and so on for 256 combinations)


Each combination provides a highly detailed skin profile, allowing for extremely personalized skincare and treatment plans. This comprehensive approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of skincare regimens and treatments offered in your clinic

STAP 2: Volume, Contour analysis

Understanding the structural aspects of the face is equally crucial in the aesthetic journey. The Vectra Analysis System steps in here, offering a three-dimensional assessment of the patient's facial volume and contours. This innovative tool not only helps in identifying areas that may benefit from enhancement but also simulates the potential outcomes of various treatments, such as thread lifts, lipofilling, or dermal fillers.

For instance, a patient like "John" seeking to restore youthful facial contours might be shown through Vectra Analysis how a combination of cheek fillers and a subtle thread lift could rejuvenate his appearance. The ability to visualize potential outcomes before any procedure is performed is invaluable, providing both clarity and confidence to patients on their aesthetic journey.

The Foundation of Aesthetic Excellence

Join Dr. Ghotra in exploring the possibilities of personalized aesthetic medicine. Whether you're contemplating beginning your journey or looking to redefine your aesthetic goals, this consultation promises to be the first step towards realizing your vision. To understand more about the intricacies of skin types and how they influence treatment choices, we encourage you to visit Dr Ghotra's insightful blog on the 256 skin types. This foundational knowledge will enhance your understanding of the personalized approach taken during your consultation.

Your journey towards personalized aesthetic excellence begins here. Embrace the future of aesthetic care with Dr. Ghotra's advanced facial consultation. Book your session today and step into a world where your aesthetic aspirations meet bespoke, evidence-based treatments.

Book Your Personalized Advanced Facial Consultation Today!

Experience the precision of Visia Skin Analysis and Vectra Volume and Contour Analysis at our clinic and let us guide you in exploring the possibilities of personalized aesthetic medicine. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a healthier, more radiant you.

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