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Combination approach

Dr. Veerander Ghotra uses a minimalist and individualistic approach to cater to your skincare needs, which is an important part of a 4D treatment approach to treat the face as a whole. It is a tailor-made approach that supports preventive care to prevent problem skin and to adequately treat already existing problem skin. He believes that every face is unique and needs a truly tailored experience for all skin types and conditions.


Many of Dr. Ghotra's clients visit him with the goal of improving their skin and facial contours, but unsure which treatments will work best for them. Dr.Ghotra uses multiple tools to assess what will work for you. His favorite technology to learn more about your face is VISIA skin analysis and the Vectra system to analyze your facial volume and provide an individual, tailored approach to your facial skin care journey. This individual, tailor-made skincare approach allows him to create a specific treatment plan and tailor creams, masks and lotions with active ingredient concentrates to suit your specific skin conditions.

Our advanced facial consultations are the start of your skin journey. We ask the fundamental question "What does individual skin need ?" and start with a state-of-the-art skin and volume analysis, which leads step by step to an individual, tailor-made treatment plan. It's good for everyone if we follow these steps. Dr.Ghotra stays in touch with every customer in every stadium. He will recommend the one that suits you best from the many treatment options. This is essential for a good process with a smooth course and a happy result.

Dr.Ghotra uses the world's best skin and facial analysis system to offer its customers the most efficient and minimalistic skin care. He uses the state-of-the-art VISIA® and Vectra facial analysis system to get a detailed picture of your skin and facial volume. This outstanding skin and facial analysis system greatly simplifies the imaging process and creates high-resolution images of your skin's different layers. Once we're done taking the photos, we review the results using the various settings for skin features such as wrinkles, sun spots, texture, pores, redness, volume loss, and facial contours.

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STEP 1: Advanced facial consultation
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